Caprikorn Farms
Caprikorn Farms

Archive Bucks:
(click on the buck's name to see his pedigree and performance information)

GCH+*B Foothill's-Farm Meadow Force A.I.

GCH+*B Alder-Ridge Chinook (EX 90)

+*B Caprikorn Force's Bold Judge (Top 15%))

GCH+*B Caprikorn Dante's Forint CH*B Caprikorn Dante's Forint (EX 90)

+*B Caprikorn Chain's Hard Cash (EX 90)

*B Caprikorn Chinook's K.S.U.

*B Des-Ruhigestelle Lea's Night

Caprikorn Lance’s Ramses

Caprikorn Renov Vernal (EX 90)

*B Caprikorn Majestic Prince

SGCH Willow Run Braveheart Kahuna

*B Caprikorn Kahuna Wealth Maker

*B Caprikorn Snow's Sky Walker

SGCH*B Sherry’s Inov Renovator SGCH*B Sherry’s Inov Renovator (EX 92)

CH*B Caprikorn Judge's Krugerrand GCH+*B Caprikorn Judge's Krugerrand (EX 91) Semen Available

*B Caprikorn Meadow Snow *B Caprikorn Meadow Snow (EX 91) Semen Available

Caprikorn Krug’s Roadshow Caprikorn Krug’s Roadshow (EX 90) Semen Available

Caprikorn Vanderbilt (aka Moose) Semen Available

*B Caprikorn Meadow Tzar (EX 92) Semen Available

SG Starfire's DRE Cutty Shark

Alice Orzechowski
Scott Hoyman

Caprikorn Farms
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