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Caprikorn Farms

Caprikorn Zurich Ascella 4*M

CAPRIKORN ZURICH ASCELLA 4*M               #30    AS1505056    Born February 8, 2010
American Saanen                                                                                  Yearling VE++ 85
ASCELLA  01-10 295 2250 86 3.8% 63 2.8%    
                                                                                                    ASCELLA EVVE 90
Lives in Texas now with a LONG time ADGA member Alpine breeder.

          SS: SG MEADOW SNOW +*B Elite Buck (USDA Top Buck)
S: SG ZURICH *B p.16 second highest rated living buck by USDA.    
         SD: SG WINNEMUCCA 4*M 99th Rank – high as they go

                                DSS: TSUMOON - a Sire Summary buck
                   DS: SG YELSON +*B p.15
                                DSD: HELSA - #1 on Elite Doe List 2 straight years
                                305 4990 139 2.8% 140 2.8%
D: SG ZILDA 3*M - #902 Young Stock VVEcV. Shown twice on
               May 29, 2010. 1st of 2 both times. 
               1-00 305 3035 94 3.1% 91 3.0% NSBA SILVER SEAL
               ZILDA WAS THE BEST! She beat all our yearlings in the show ring. AND she outmilked all of them too! That double whammy never happens.
                                  DDS: CAPRIKORN RENOV MEADOW VERNAL LA-90 p.12
                   DD: SG CAPRIKORN VERN’S YILDA 2*M LA-89 p.33b 
                                 DDD: STARGATE!

She has a cute Saanen noses (dished) and in addition ASCELLA has short, perky ears.
In addition, ASCELLA is a character. She is the only kid that jumped over their barricade! Then complained for hours. Scott calls her CLOTHES CHEWER. You drag her around like a pit bull. How many times do you want to re-tie your shoelaces?
DAIRYMEN – here’s a shopping tip. You will make more money with a VEEV than a EVVE, especially considering the EVVE’s buck kid will cost way more.

To be Bred to CZARGATE, Fall Of 2014.

Alice Orzechowski
Scott Hoyman

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