Caprikorn Farms
Caprikorn Farms

SG Caprikorn Zeppo LT Ayala 3*M

SG CAPRIKORN LT AYALA 3*M    #96    AS1538870    Born June 6, 2010 
AYALA 99th %ile Elite Doe! First 5 tests in 2013 all over 15 lb.                    
0-11 289 2677 82 3.1% 73 2.7% 
1-11 223 2856 2.9 b.f. 2.7 pro.
142 days 2260 lbs in progress

     SS: SG TORNADO – a STANDOUT son out of a PRIME RATE dau
S: SG ZEPPO LA-90  p. 24 Elite Buck, 95% ile #7 on the latest USDA Top Buck List
    SD: SG SILLY SARAH 5*M LA-91, TopTen, 99th %ile

D: SG ZTARTREK 2*M missed Top Ten by 39lbs and 17 of 27 at Nationals
     DD: SG STARGATE!! 1*M        

Star Trek names with an “A.” Dam had great yearling lactation. Naturally. AYALA’s third test as a yearling was 14.0!! Lead the herd on the Nov, 25 2012 test. Second place doe was her dam! Her two year old lactation was small because she freshened late. So, Alice cut her off, bred her early, and she freshened Jan 24, 2013.


    Caprikorn Zeppo LT Ayala
Alice Orzechowski
Scott Hoyman

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