Caprikorn Farms
Caprikorn Farms

Saanen Breeding Fees:
Revised 11-08-2017
Fall 2014 to February 2018

4-H Show Herds: Del Marco

Real Goat People:
     Meadow Boss $158                             SGCH Cobalt #230
     Bulging Eye #154                                Czarbuck #230

     Hot Rocks                                            Honduras #609
     Hercules #6130

$185.00     1st Doe                        (4H - 20% discount)
$  80.00     2nd Doe
$  50.00     3rd Doe and thereafter
Plus $10 for every phone call or email past three.

     $3.75/day in their own pen.
     $5.00/day for milkers living in the main barn slot (in their own pen amidst milking herd, being milked)

Fee payable at breeding. Includes as many re-breedings during the season as you want.

Horse People Note: Forget the "Live Foal Basis" concept. It does not apply to dairy goats. The fee is for our time, not for your baby.

22-day Leases: $395.00.

Transportation: $0.75 per mile, round trip.

Don't call ahead. Just show up. Someone is always here.

Leases: Please see the document "BuckLeas" for detailes.

Alice Orzechowski
Scott Hoyman

Caprikorn Farms
20312 Townsend Road
Gapland, Maryland 21779


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