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SG Caprikorn Yelson Cheyenne 5*M  LA-90

American Saanen
DOB: 7-09-12

Young Stock Appraisal: Ec
Two legs as of October 2016

Adult Appraisal: 90

2-14  315   2716     81  3.0%     77  2.8% First Fresh

2-01  308   3609   121  3.4%   103  2.9%

2-03  221   2855   105  3.7%    80   2.8% In Progress

We said “Will probably be 1st place Jr. Yearling at 2013 Nationals” in this catalog. WAS ACTUALLY 2ND PLACE ON JULY 9, 2013! As a kid. Then on July 4, 2016 she was 2nd place dam and daughter at Nationals. As a milker. Passing it on.

              SS: SG TSUMOON ++*B A Sire Summary Buck
S: SG YELSON +*B p. 15 Recent Bucks
               SD: HELSA 10*M – a 98th percentile doe 305 4990 Top Ten

               DS: SGCH RENOVATOR *B – LA-92 p. 18 Recent Bucks
     American Saanen TOP TEN 99th Percentile (the max)
     02-09 305 3729 153 4.1% 119 3.2%
     Young Stock VVEV
     LA-87 ++EE
     LA-90 VEEE
                DD: SG CAPRIKORN SHARK’S VENICE 3*M LA-90 p. 28a
                   #1 in U.S. Saanens for Protein in 305 days

If you saw CHEYENNE you would know right away you want her kids.
We said: “Her dam was ranked 99th percentile and her sire is our best milk buck out of those with a positive PTAFS. It is scary how good CHEYENNE could be. As a kid she has been shown only once and was Grand Champion in milk. Before she turned two she was first in both rings as a milking yearling. Then we stopped showing her. We knew the body is there and we knew the milk is there and we knew the components are there. So the issue was: if she gets the awesome mammary she becomes a $5,000 doe and her babies sell for 1,500. If not, she is a 1,500 doe and babies sell for 600. It’s too bad that U.S. Breeders put way too much weight on mammaries and way too little weight on milk/fat/protein. But that IS the way it IS.”
2/19/14 Scott said “an E mammary – maybe not enough fore. Fabulous rear and teats.”  
 Shown only once in 2015 and of course she could not beat CASSIOPEIA. CHEYENNE got coded “A” for acceptable for feet. Rear feet weakness is the very reason the Ryals turned down WINNEMUCCA as a kid. Since we breed for strong rear pasterns, we knocked CHEYENNE’S PRICE DOWN BY 400 AND HER KIDS DOWN BY 300.

Bred to CZARGATE, she produced FLORENCE, possibly our most valuable doe. So we'll do that over and over.

She got most of her dam's freaky butterfat but she lost all of her granddam's max protein.

Caprikorn Yelson Cheyenne


Alice Orzechowski
Scott Hoyman

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