Caprikorn Farms
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GCH+*B Alder-Ridge Chinook (EX 90)

American Saanen
Died: 7-31-00
LA: 5-04 EX 90 VEE (White)
HES: 88.35
PTAM +255  PTAF +8.6  PTAP +6.9
Top 15% USDA-DHIA Sire Summary
Daughter Avg: 3407 Milk  108 Fat  97 Protein
Sire: *B Alder Ridge Ariel (00-04 HES 85.25 DC88 BC88 GA83
     SS: *B La Vista Yancy
     SD: R.V. Alder Ridge White Gold (FS 85)
          SDD: Rebel Valley's Southern Bonus (305 6850 expunged)

Dam: Capric Pioneer's Janelle 5*M (HES 88.5 GA87 DC90 BC96 MA87)
               1-01 297 2867 116 4.0%
               2-00 305 3811 149 3.9%
                    ext: 323 3943 153
               3-00 168 1715 68 3.9%
     DS: +*B Rocky Run ET Pioneer (Top 15% USDA July '89 Sire Summary)
     DD: Greco's Piney Hill Stephanie 4*M (Top Ten)

JANELLE was a very tall, long bodied and dairy doe. she had an excellent rear udder, good side attachment and teats, but a pocket in her fore.

JANELLE missed Top Ten with the 149 although most years that's plenty. Her dam Greco's Piney Hill Stephanie 4*M, her granddam Mariwillo Joy's Loni, and her great granddam Mariwillo Hi Joy, were all three Top Ten does. This is the great MARIWILLO doe line that resulted in the dam of ATLAS (p. 15) and several other Top Ten does. JANELLE changed herds during the 3811/149 lactation.

CHINOOK's secondary job was to integrate the bloodlines. He coudl do this in one breeding because he descended from:
     3. The MARIWILLO Doe  Line

A great additional blessing we never hoped for was that CHINOOK had bone. Generally the top milk bucks are too dairy, limiting their usefulness. We didn't like his feet, point out, but we liked his daughters' feet. They all have nice arches, too.

We must tell you that in spite of his 90 and GCH, Scott thought of Chinook as anugly buck. His daughters did very well in the show ring, though.

Alice Orzechowski
Scott Hoyman

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