Caprikorn Farms
Caprikorn Farms

Caprikorn Boss Constellation

American Saanen
DOB: 2-24-12
An NSBA type kid "Milk and Show"
Final Score Ec, 2-23-12

          SSS: Sherry's Tsumoon (82th %tile or "Rank")
     SS: SG Sherry's TSM Helsa's Yelson (pg. 15, the milkiest buck we have ever owned)
          SSD: Sherry's IRA Helsa (never appraised)
                   Highest PTAM of any Saanen doe at +550 (Elite Doe)

Sire: *B Caprikorn Yelson Meadow Boss (p. 25 Young & Unproven)
          SDS: SGCH *B Sherry's Inov Renovator (LA 92, Top of Elite Buck List)
     SD:  SGCH Caprikorn Renov Meadow Violet (LA 92, 90th %tile)
          SDD: SG Caprikorn Meadow Spring
               SDDD: SG Caprikorn Meadow Nymph (LA 90, pg. 29)

          DSS: SG Sherry's TSM Helsa's Yelson
     DS: Caprikorn Zecret Keeper
          DSD:  Caprikorn Tzar's Yenuska (pg. 10a)
Dam: Caprikorn Zecret Betelgeuse
          DDS: *B Caprikorn Majestic Prince
     DD: Caprikorn MP Xterra 3*M
          DDD:Caprikorn RV Wiara 2*M

Alice Orzechowski
Scott Hoyman

Caprikorn Farms
20312 Townsend Road
Gapland, Maryland 21779