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What does S: mean? Sire (Father)
What does D: mean? Dam (Mother)
What does SG mean? Superior Genetics
What does GCH mean? Grand Champion
What does SGCH mean? Both of the above

SG, GCH, and SGCH are pretty much meaningless initials dreamed up by the American Dairy Goat Assn

The SG designation is an especially poorly conceived award recently invented by the Board of Directors of ADGA instead of the scientists. If the doe is in the 86th percentile she gets SG. If more LA’s and DHI tests come in and she drops to the 26th she is still SG. But 26th means 3 out of 4 Saanens are better than the doe. Is that “superior?”

“Elite Buck” means the same thing as “Sire Summary”. 85th thru 99th %ile are called Elite. For does, 95th thru 99th are called “Elite”. The USDA computer comes up with “Top Buck”.
“%ile” is an abbreviation for percentile.
“Rank” means the same thing as percentile.
The important scientific numbers are Percentile and PTAM - developed by USDA scientists and in use by thousands of serious cow dairymen. The “Bull Proof” numbers.
How much can a percentile change? In other words, how wrong can it turn out to be? That depends on the REL.
In practical terms, a Saanen with an REL of 70 or up will never change by more than 5 points. For example, your 85% REL 73 COULD REALLY be a 90%ile or he/she could REALLY be an 80th %ile. But 9 out of 10 times he/she is REALLY 87, 86,85,84 or 83.
Now with an REL of 36 or, or less, he/she could REALLY be almost ANYTHING.
“PTAM” means Predicted Transmitting Ability Milk.
What does 01-09 305 2500 70 2.8% 75 3.0% mean?
Starting at 1 yr and 9 months of age the doe, in 305 days, made 2500 pounds of milk and 70 pounds of butterfat. (Seventy divided by 2500 is 2.8%.) 305 days is the standard measurement. And she made 75 pounds of protein.
What does b.f. mean? Butterfat
What does VEEV mean?
General Appearance: Very Good Body Capacity: Excellent
Dairy Character: Excellent Mammary: Very Good

BENEATH V for Very Good
comes + for good Plus
What does LA mean? Linear Appraisal. VEEE means Very Good general appearance, Excellent body capacity, Excellent Dairy Character, Excellent mammary. The American Dairy Goat Assn. has a free booklet explaining the program. Appraisers are dairymen, so they have a little better value system than plain old judges. It is still a bunch of old wives tales with no scientific studies to back it up. Take your big powerful ugly money-making doe that barely loses to a small beauty queen with a perfect small mammary in the show ring. The big doe has a chance to get a HIGHER Appraisal score than the show queen mini. But, if the big doe’s udder has a tilt, forget it. She will be 8 to 10 points lower than “Mini”.

What does V Ec Ec Ec mean? That is a “Young Stock Appraisal” score. General Appearance V body Capacity Ec Dairy Character Ec Overall=Ec Note: different categories than LA above. The 4th letter in LA for big goats is not “Overall.” It’s “Mammary.”

ADGA = American Dairy Goat Association
DHI = Dairy Herd Improvement
MDIA = Maryland Dairy Improvement Association
CGS = Canadian Goat Society
NSBA = National Saanen Breeders Association

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