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About Our Herd

What’s different about Caprikorn Saanens? WE HAVE THE HEAVIEST MILKING SAANEN HERD IN THE U.S.. This is because for our foundation stock we used mega milkers only and the sons of mega milkers. Then we spent over 30 years and $63,000 on DHI testing.

We also breed for strong back pasterns and ease of kidding. Most of our goats cross immediately on both sides to Top Ten does.

The Caprikorn kid you order will probably radically outmilk any other kid you ever buy.

Because of our work schedules, we only show at a few shows each year. However we have received numerous GCH’s, RGCH’s and Best in Shows. This means that ultra high milk production can sometimes include excellent conformation. But Mega-Milk comes first here!

We practice a strict CAE prevention program. We test our goats for CAE at least twice a year. CAE positive goats are penned separately from CAE negative goats. All does, whether CAE positive or negative, are teat-taped eight days before their earliest due date. Kids are removed from the dam at birth and fed CAE-negative colostrum and pasteurized goat milk. Kids also receive tetanus, enterotoxemia and selenium shots.

Since 1977 we have adhered to a “Full Refund on Return Policy”. You do not need to think of a reason to return your animal for a full refund. See Terms of Sale for complete details.

Unlike most other breeders, Caprikorn Farms does NOT reserve the right to keep kids – you get the kid you reserve even if it turns out to be the best kid of the crop.

We welcome visits (especially at milking time). Please contact us if you would like further details on any of our animals.

Our nephew, Matt Gregor, ecstatic about
his first place win with Matterhorn at the
Homesteaders goat show in July 2000.

Matterhorn was also first place junior 
yearling at the Nationals that year.

Alice Orzechowski
Scott Hoyman

Caprikorn Farms
20312 Townsend Road
Gapland, Maryland 21779


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