Caprikorn Farms
Caprikorn Farms

Caprikorn Judge's Kwanza 7*M

AS1043073 - American Saanen
DOB: 5/08/97

Sire: +*B Caprikorn Force's Bold Judge
     SS: GCH+*B Foothill's-Farm Meadow Force
     SD: Caprikorn Zenith's Bold Reason 3*M (Top Ten)

Dam: Caprikorn Atlas's Cruzeiro 6*M (#1 Top Ten)
     DS: +*B Legend West Atlas
     DD: GCH Rocky Run Nickle's Yen 5*M

4-01 87 VEV+
6-01 89 VEEV
3-11305 2410 81 3.4% 66 2.7%
2-02 287 3140 112 3.6% 96 3.1%

Scott thinks Kwanza needs a tad more escutcheon. She is very tall and rangy and very, very dairy. She is the only doe in our herd with such a strong medial that her teats point in. Krugerrand, our Senior Herd Sire, is her full brother. She has two sons working in commercial dairies.

Alice Orzechowski
Scott Hoyman

Caprikorn Farms
20312 Townsend Road
Gapland, Maryland 21779


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