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AS1214761 - American Saanen
DOB: 6/02/01

Sire: *B Des-Ruhigstelle Lea's Night
     SS: *B Cherrypines Timekeeper
     SD: Des-Ruhigestelle Lea 3*M

Dam: Caprikorn Cash's My Diamond
     DS: *B Caprikorn Chain's Hard Cash
     DD: Caprikorn Hot Ice Force 2*M (Top Ten

4-02 305 3790 129 3.4%

Longevity: A 13 lb test on May 20, 2008!

MY DIAMOND 3rd place at Natílís, but only as a dry yearling.

MY DIAMONDís twin, MICA, 1st at Nationals. Same class.

PEARLís complete Show Record as a milker:

1. 1st out of 5 yearlings Virginia May 30, 2003. LYNN BENEDICT

2. National Show July, 2003. Missed the cut in the 2 year old class. She has the excuse of just turning two.

3. 4th of 8 Maryland Sep. 13, 2003.

4. 2nd of 3 Queen Anneís County June 5, 2004 to PILOT LA-90

5. GCH & BOB at District III Saanen Specialty June 26, 2004 6. National Show July 2004-missed the cut. Sick.

7. 2nd to the GCH at Howard County August 7 Ď04

8. 1st of 3 Frederick 9/17/05.

PEARL had the topline & rump angle show breeders want.

PEARLís son VANADIUM was chosen by OLYMPIC CAPRINE SAANENS, long time top saanen breeders as their Jr. Herd Sire.

PEARLís son YODERITE is Jr. herd sire for AHRNDTís in MN.

PEARL fails to have the laid back Saanen temperament. She talked a lot when routines changed and got sick at shows. A worrier.

SG Caprikorn Night's Pearl 3*M
2-01 85 VEV+
3-00 90 VEVE
1-10 305 2020 67 3.3% 62 3.1&
2-11 296 3110 90 2.9% 92 3.0%
4-02 305 3790 129 3.4% 116p 3.1%
GCH & BOB 2004 District 3 Saanen Specialty

 Pearl is a line breeding on high-butterfat parents. 

Send a $100 deposit. It's refundable anytime you change your mind.

Alice Orzechowski
Scott Hoyman

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