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*B Caprikorn Majestic Prince #118

American Saanen
DOB: 5/25/01
LA: FS 87
Sire: CH*B Caprikorn Dante's Forint (EX 90)
               Back then it was an honor to go 90. We ourselves would probably say 88 or e9 due to slight rear pastern weakness
               and rear legs a little close. but, Mr. Whiteside said, "He would probably go 90 again."
     SS: Sweetwoods Reason Dante
          SSS: Companeros Voice of Reason
          SSD: CH Dinner Bell Cassiopeia (LA 90)
     SD: Caprikorn Atlas's Cruzeiro 6*M (#1 in U.S. 1994)
               305 5110

Dam: Caprikorn Northernmost Dancer 6*M (page 5)
     DS: GCH+*B Alder-Ridge Chinook (EX 90, Top 15%, Pg. 17)
     DD: Caprikorn Zenith's Alysheba 5*M (LA 86)
               Lifetime 1328 days 14,870 pounds

For a show breeder, he sure didn't look like his name. The original MAJESTIC PRINCE was undefeated when he won the Kentucky Derby in 1969. But he might have the most milk of any Caprikorn buck ever. A dairyman would see him as MAJESTIC. Powerful. But not big.

When he was younger, sometimes PRINCE acted a little wimpy for a Saanen buck. He got Mom's ugly nose. He got Mom's MEGA MILK. We had six PRINCE babies -- and they all looked GREAT as babies, but one had a weird udder when she freshened.

We hated his apread back toes, but the pasterns were always up. the daughters' feet are fine. He jumped around and pirouettes like a kid. STRICTLY FOR DAIRYMEN.

Sire of the #3 doe on ADGA's Elite Doe list - TANGERINE. We sold her. The mammary was too unbalanced and one side was behind the hocks.

Alice Orzechowski
Scott Hoyman

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