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Caprikorn Farms


American Saanen
DOB: 5-19-02

American Saanen
Died 2010 

LA-89 VEEE Henning
LA-88 +EEE Henning
LA-91 EEEE White
8th place 2 y.o @ 2004 national show 

SS: *B Des-Rehigestelle Merwin 
Sire: * B Des-Ruhigestelle Lancelot
     SD: GCH Nu-Tog-A-Saan Leah Anne 2*M (EX91)                                                                                        

  DS: CH*B Caprikorn Forint's Kauai King 
Dam: Caprikorn Meadow Nymph 8*M
          (EX 90, #19 Elite Doe List for 2005))
      DD: Foothill's-Farm Meadow Star 7*M

1-09 265 2490 57 2.3%
2-08 298 3981 90 2.3% NSBA GOLD SEAL
3-08 287 4070 101 2.5% TOP TEN NSBA GOLD SEAL

Great mammary, would have LA'd 90 the first time but she was a first freshener. Loose shoulders. We are so grateful this doe sticks out from the other two year olds. It proves that NYMPH was not a fluke. That is very important because her two sons, SNOW and TZAR, have sired the rest of the her, one way or another.

ROMANCE by far led the herd in her 2-08 lactation. She was BOTH on pace for TOP TEN, AND the herd's top show doe! UNBELIEVABLE!

ROMANCE'S first son is in Mississippi, U.S., her second son is in Ontario, Canada, and her third son is in Quebec!