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No Return Policy on Goat Semen.

All the semen listed below is $20 per straw except:
     Bulging Eye     $40
     Zurich              $40   (3 Times #1 on USDA-DHIA List)

     Tzar                 $40
     Snow               $15

Where we have 10 or less it is NOT FOR SALE.

We sell in units of 10 straws.

Shipper rental is $40.

UPS averages around $34. For domestic shipments we charge you $24 each way, no matter what UPS charges us. That way you know what you are paying. You don't pay UPS. 

You pay CAPRIKORN FARMS $88 plus the semen and we pay for the shipper and the pull charge and UPS. Of course you can pick it up  from Berryville, VA North American Breeders

and just pay the pull charge.

Semen Inventory:

Semen Inventory at North American Breeders Association
as of February 26, 2016
Straw True Name Amount
EYLYAN56 Caprikorn Czarbuck Elyan 30 straws
S57 GCH++*B Caprikorn Judges Kruggerand 19 straws
KRUG GCH++*B Caprikorn Judges Kruggerand 40 straws
S96 Caprikorn Krug Meadow Tzar 9 straws
S136 Caprikorn Krug Roadshow 48 straws
ROADSHOW Caprikorn Krug Roadshow 117 straws
RAMS Caprikorn Lance's Ramses 30 straws
S95 Caprikorn Meadow Snow 154 straws
SNOW Caprikorn Meadow Snow 26 straws
VERNAL Caprikorn Renov Meadow Vernal 10 straws
S152 Caprikorn Renov Vanderbilt 6 straws
S135 Caprikorn RV Yabrek 12 straws
BARR Caprikorn Snow Barrister 40 straws
S153 Caprikorn Snows Zurich 1 straws
ZURICH Caprikorn Snows Zurich 285 straws
DEATH Caprikorn Sudden Death 29 straws
S154 FS285 Caprikorn Tsars Yanuski 60 straws
S134 Caprikorn Vern Yildun 136 straws
EYE Caprikorn Yelson Bulging Eye 50 straws
BOSS Caprikorn Yelson Meadow Boss 140 straws
FSCO1 Caprikorn Yelson Starby 50 straws
FSCO2 Caprikorn Zecret Bluestar 79 straws
KEEPER Caprikorn Zecret Keeper  * 19 straws
CZAR S5 Caprikorn Zeppo Czargate 50 straws
BING Caprikorn Zurich Bing 32 straws
COBALT S1 Caprikorn Zurich Cobalt 48 straws
ZEPPO Ron-Tom Sarah's Zeppo 39 straws
TIBER SE Sarty Eclipse Tiberius 42 straws
S133 Sherry's TSM Helsa Yelson 36 straws
SKYWALK Skywalker 30 straws


WARNING: 1 IN 4 YILDUN dau's extra teat

Alice Orzechowski
Scott Hoyman

Caprikorn Farms
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