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We pay for vet fees, shipping papers, and getting your kid to our airport. The plane ticket and kennel are your costs. Extra vet fees for export are your costs.

Usually someone you know is going to the Convention or the National Show.

It comes down to either your regional airport has Continental Airlines or they don't. The other airlines are too expensive. Quickpak is $153. We charge you $75 for the shipping kennel. You unscrew the six screws, turn the top upside down, tape the 2 halves together with duct tape, and take the crate to any UPS place. When we get the crate back, we send your $75 back.

If you want to own a kennel, you can call Petsmart @ 800-872-3773 and give them your credit card number. You want a VARI KENNEL 300P. They call the 300 "medium."

If you goof around on paying for your kid, your kid will get bigger. Continental's cost increases from $153 and the kennel cost increases as well because you need a 400P.

With a doe, around six weeks is where your kid moves up to a 400 (called "large") crate and if you don't have Continental Quickpak, that plane ticket can be $400.

Alice Orzechowski
Scott Hoyman

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