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*B Caprikorn Meadow Snow "375"

American Saanen
DOB: 5/14/03
Died 8-11-11

LA:  EX 91 VEE (Richter)


*B Caprikorn Meadow Snow
Sire: GCH+*B Judge’s Krugerrand (EX91; pg. 19))
     SS:  +*B Caprikorn Force's Bold Judge
     SD: Caprikorn Atlas's Cruzeiro 6*M (#1 in USA 1994; 305 5110)

Dam: Caprikorn Meadow Nymph 8*M (LA 90; pg. 29; #19 on 2005 Elite Doe List)
     DS: CH*B Caprikorn Forint’s Kauai King (pg. 18)
     DD: Foothill’s-Farm Meadow Star 7*M LA 88)

Extremely sharp withers with tight shoulders.

SNOW was shown in 2004 and he was JUNIOR CHAMPION at the same show where his dad KRUGERRAND was SENIOR CHAMPION, GCH, BEST BUCK IN SHOW. His picture is on the website. SNOW's first daughter to be shown went grand over approximately 30 in Wisconsin for the ASP family. SNOW making excellent mammaries.

SNOW's second show was a 3-ring Buck Show in May 13, '06. In two rings he was Reserve Grand Champion (14 bucks). In one ring the Grand that beat him was Best In Show. Family seems to be slow-maturing. The daughters milk awesome. A strange thing about him and TZAR is that they wag their tails like little kids when you pat them.

In his last show he went Grand vs 14.

Semen For Sale: $15/straw (sold in units of 10 straws).

Alice Orzechowski
Scott Hoyman

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