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*B Caprikorn Yelson Starby     #1149

American Saanen
ADGA Sire Development Program Buck
Never Appraised

     SS: Sherry's Tsumoon (82th %tile or "Rank")
            adgagenetics, click on pedigrees, production
Sire: SG Sherry's TSM Helsa's Yelson (pg. 15, the milkiest buck we have ever owned)
     SD: Sherry's IRA Helsa (never appraised)
               305 days 4,990 lb.
               Highest PTAM of any Saanen doe at +550 (Elite Doe)
               Go to, click on Performance Programs

     DS: GCH+*B Caprikorn Judge's Krugerrand (EX 91, Top 15%)
Dam: SG Caprikorn Krug's Stargate *M
          One of only two Saanens in the history of the U.S. that had two lactaions of over 5,000 lbs. in 305 days.
          5-10 305 3653 109 2.9
          4-08 extended 377 6105 176 2.9
          4-08 305 5367 150 2.8 #1 in USA over all breeds
          2-08 305 5140 160 3.1 #1 in USA over all breeds
          1-08 305 3220 8.7 2.7
          Best Udder in Show vs 24 milkers!
     DD: Two Ceders Mandella ('99 Spotlight Sale Doe)


Alice Orzechowski
Scott Hoyman

Caprikorn Farms
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