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Caprikorn Krug's Surprise 3*M #302

AS1259040 American Saanen

DOB: 2-10-03

Sire: GCH +*B Caprikorn Judge's Krugerrand (LA 91)
     SS: ++*B Caprikorn Force's Bold Judge
     SD: Caprikorn Atlas's Cruzeiro 6*M

Dam: GCH Caprikorn Cash's Prana 2*M
     DS: +*B Caprikorn Chain's Hard Cash
     DD: GCH Caprikorn Katmandu *M 
(EX 90)

Caprikorn Krug's Surprise 3*M
2006: 88 VEEV
1-01 297 1490 46 3.1% 51 3.4%
3-01 305 3470 126 3.4% 119 3.2%
ext. 337 3950 136 127

Surprise has one GCH milking leg. Needs a foreudder. Kahuna can do. Surprise's April '06 test was 15.0 lbs and May '06 was 15.5 so Krug overcame the poor milking Prana genes. 

Alice Orzechowski
Scott Hoyman

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