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*B Caprikorn Vanderbilt #514

American Saanen
DOB: 2-14-05
Died: 2010
LA: 87 +EE (Richter)
      84 (White)

Sire Summary Buck
Dairymen Only
Sire: SGCH*B Sherry’s Inov Renovator (LA 92, pg. 18)
     SS:  +* B Sherry’s Pharoh Innovator (Top 15%)
     SD: Sherry’s Mt Brenna 4*M

Dam: Caprikorn Chinook's Kent State 5*M (Top Ten)
          Kent State went to the White House for Hillary Clinton's 50th birthday party in Oct. '97. She was really big like her
          17th Junior Kid at '97 National; GCH at '97 Frederick County Fair
          3rd of 7 behind Kwanza and the GCH '99 Frederick Fair
     DS: GCH+*B Alder-Ridge Chinook (EX 90, pg. 17)
     DD: Dascan Pepperdine 4*M (Top Ten; LA 87; HES 88.75; LA 79 White)
               3-10 332 4240 105 2.5%
               2-08 305 4010 108 2.7& Top Ten
               1-11 137 1570 43 2.7%

PEPPER's dam was 1st in her class at the CA State Fair, which is next best to 1st place at the National. Better some years. Over half the animals in PEPPIE's 3-generation pedigree are GCHs. It's simple. We had been breeding for MILK, not show for 17 years and PEPPER was the top milker in our herd in 1993. Her June '93 tgest was 20.2 lbs. PEPPER couldn't handle the heat at all. The 87 is too high if you equate LA to show. LA is for dairymen. Teats too big.


He made big ears and big milk. He can throw color.

A hyperactive giant, MOOSE had milk written all over him. At one year and 2 months he was bigger than all the mature bucks here. In June of '07 the appraiser got 40 7/8" at the withers.

His only clear flaw was a little narrowness in the chest like his entire dam's family.

MOOSE's dam was espcecially good for dairyman paid by components.

Semen For Sale: $20/straw (sold in units of 10 straws).

Alice Orzechowski
Scott Hoyman

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