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SG Caprikorn Renov Winnemucca 4*M

SG CAPRIKORN RENOV’S WINNEMUCCA 4*M              #639     AS1375918    Born April 14, 2006
American Saanen TOP TEN formerly 99TH Percentile (the max)                                                           Young Stock VVEV
02-09 305 3729 153 4.1% 119 3.2% NSBA GOLD SEAL                                             LA-87 ++EE
04-10 305 3130 143 4.6% 96 3.1% NSBA GOLD SEAL                                              LA-90 VEEE
S:    SGCH *B RENOVATOR - LA-92 page 18 of RECENT BUCKS 98th %ile

                               #1 in U.S. Saanens for Protein in 305 days.
        DD GCH SINGAPORE LA-90 177 lbs of fat in 305 days.

After all these years a doe with freaky butterfat! But - Can she pass it on?? YESSS!! As of August 2016, her son is the highest living USDA rated Saanen, mainly because of his dau’s b.f. & pro. 
Awesome mammary.  Has one RGCH in 4 shows.
Tiny at birth.  Nice rear leg angulation and VERY NICE escutcheon. The back feet are mediocre. 

A disappointing second lactation, which didn’t cause her to get kicked out of the 99th percentile. EXCEPT THE B.F.! 143 will easily make TOP TEN! Freaky.
Her 2011 buck kid works in Quebec. As of August 2016, her 2009 buck is the highest rated living Saanen on the USDA Elite Buck List. (Go to Click on Performance Programs. Click on Elite Bucks.) Look at the back pasterns in the picture. This is NOT what we want.

See how WINNEMUCCA’s b.f. % jerks around. That happens all over the country. So, if you have a choice between two Saanens, rely on the one Milky Doe with the milk numbers more than the high b.f. one with the butterfat numbers.

SG Caprikorn Renov Winnemucca

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