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CAPRIKORN SNOW’S ZANONI   5*M                        #917    Born February 1, 2009
American Saanen                                                                     Young Stock VV+V
DIED 2011                                                                                     2 y.o. VEE+ 85
02-00 94 1413 55 3.8% 41 2.9 in progress-AWESOME. Then died.    
01 02 283 2417 83 3.3% 72 3.0%

            SS: KRUGERRAND LA-91 p.22
S: SNOW LA-91 p.22 - former ELITE BUCK
           SD: NYMPHIE LA-90 p.29

       DS: SGCH RENOVATOR - #1 on latest Elite Buck list. LA-92
D: SG WINNEMUCCA 4*M above, LA-90, Top Ten
      DD: VENICE LA-90 2 times and #1 in U.S. for protein, and 10th pl. Milking Yearling at Nat’ls

Well yes this would be the pride of the herd milk-wise.  A SNOW dau coming out of a Top Ten RENOV dau coming out of a TOP TEN SHARK dau.
As a milking yearling, she was skin, bones, and mammary.
As a 2y.o. she would probably make Top Ten in fat like her dam did. Suddenly died. Milked herself to death.

Her son, BULGING EYE, LA-90, is scheduled to be bred to more of our does than any other of our bucks in September 2016.

NO OTHER BIG NAME SAANEN HERD WOULD USE THE SON OF AN 85. Because they are breeding for show and WE are breeding for bigger milk checks and MORE CHEESE.