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Caprikorn Farms

SG Ron-Tom Sarah's Zeppo #9999

American Saanen
DOB: 2-17
YSA: FS "V" (almost "Ec")
Sire: Tall-Tail's Standout Tornado
     SS: Cherry Pines Stand Out
     SD: Tall-Tail's Molly France's PR
          SDS: Heavenly-"Poor"-FRM Prime Rate (#2 Sire Summary)

Dam: SG  Ron-Tom Komedy's Silly Sarah (LA 91)
               99th %tile, PTAM +412 REL 53% PTA FS +0.9 REL 54%
     DS: Moonshine-Ridge Corker
     DD: SG Ron-Tom Eccentric's Komedy (95 %tile)

He got 3X Ec: front legs, rear legs, back
He got 1 A: shoulder assembly. The rest were the usual.

"As for who to breed them to? You say whomever you wish. But not ZEPPO ever again! His kids are too big." (From a customer who leases our bucks)

Alice Orzechowski
Scott Hoyman

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