Caprikorn Farms
Caprikorn Farms

SG Caprikorn Renov's Ztargate 2*M

SG CAPRIKORN RENOV’S ZTARGATE 2*M    #990  1509354    Born April 27, 2009
American Saanens                                                                              3 y.o. VEV+ 87

 02-09 281 3992 122 3.1% 103 2.6% in progress
We thought ZTARGATE was going to just miss Top Ten because she was due January 2013 so we dried her off early and she got trucked to Colorado and back for the National Show. BUT JULY 15, 2013 – She’s on PRELIM TOP TEN!

S: SGCH RENOVATOR AI ++*B LA-92 #1 on Sire Summary!
    SD: BRENNA 4*M

D: SG STARGATE 1*M!  Previous page
The pride of the herd.

ZTARGATE is more powerful, smarter, and extremely friendly.  It’s hard to say who is best.  BUYERS TIP: Next time you have your pick between litter sisters- if you are breeding for milk- take the one that runs around the most.
ZTARGATE failed to kid in 2011. Bad. Her mammary is not pretty. Teats pointing forward.
ZTARGATE – aborted for the fall of 2012.

To be Bred to BLUE STAR, Fall of 2014.

SG Caprikorn Renov's Ztargate

SG Caprikorn Renov's Ztargate    SG Caprikorn Renov's Ztargate
Alice Orzechowski
Scott Hoyman

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