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SG Caprikorn Snow's Zurich #916

American Saanen
YSA: V Ec V V (Ec front legs, A rump, all the rest are V)

LA: 2 yrs old 84 +V+
Sire: +*B SG Caprikorn Meadow Snow (LA 91 Elite Buck)
     SS: GCH+*B Caprikorn Judge's Krugerrand (LA 91, Elite Buck, Sire Summary, pg. 19)
     SD: SG Caprikorn Meadow Nymph 8*M (LA 90 Elite Doe pg. 29)

Dam: SG Caprikorn Renov's Winnemucca 6*M pg 28b, 99th %tile)
     DS:SGCH *B Sherry's Inov Renovator
     DD: SG Caprikorn Shark's Venice 5*M (LA 90)

               #1 in USA for protein
          DDD: GCH Caprikorn Fat's Singapore 4*M (LA 90, 177 lb fat in 305)


Today (August 2014) he is #11.

Alice and Ken voted to take ZURICH off the sales list so we can breed for components. Scott wants the components but would rather have a buck with an even better looking dam. He is small for his age. Maybe too much action? WINNEMUCCA did manage to go Reserve once.

The show people will not use ZURICH with his 84. So we will move even further ahead in milk next generation.

* Go to Click on “Performance Programs.” Click on “Elite Buck.” 99 is as high as they go.

ZURICH has 48 registered dau’s as of October 2013.

Semen For Sale: $25/straw (sold in units of 10 straws).

Alice Orzechowski
Scott Hoyman

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